Spring is in full bloom, but are your plants keeping pace? If the answer is anything but a resounding yes, don’t worry. There’s still plenty of time to get into the spirit of the season and grow your most beautiful bed of flowers.
“There’s nothing like the start of the season,” says Emily Murphy of Pass the Pistil blog. “I love planning my space, buying seeds and starts, and making sure I have the right tools to make the gardening season a success. Before I start any project, I do a quick inventory to be sure I have everything I need, like my circular sprinkler. It makes customizing water coverage easy, with shape control collars that move to mirror the area you want to water, which is a real lifesaver throughout the season.”
A lush bed of flowers or a row of beautiful plants is an instant focal point in any outdoor space. To help create a flourishing bed that everyone will notice, follow these easy tips.
1. Plant based on your zone
Not all flowers succeed in the same weather conditions, which makes planting based on what grows best in your geographical area crucial. Use this planting map as a great tool to learn more about what to plant based on your zone. For example, geraniums thrive best in zones that have mild winters and hot summers, like Zone 10. If you live in Zone 1, look for a drought-tolerant and tremendously cold hardy plant, like sunflowers.
2. Preparing the soil
Each plant has different soil requirements. If