While it may be tempting to launch your next home improvement project in the spring, the truth is that fall could be the ideal season to pounce on a new job. In fact, autumn is the perfect time for a thorough deck inspection and some of the most common maintenance jobs.

Think of fall as the perfect time for preventative maintenance that will keep your deck in great shape for the upcoming holidays.

Deck inspection

Want your deck to stay polished and pristine? Fall is the time to focus on maintenance.

 Change Out Foundation

If you must maintain or add a new foundation for your deck, fall is a fantastic opportunity. After all, concrete foundation cures best in tame, neutral weather. The amount of time involved also allows you to “break in” your deck before you opt to invite people over for the holidays or warm summer weather.

Check Out Damage

Summer is a time during which you might get a lot of use of the outdoors. Unfortunately, not taking care of the deck can lead to permanent damage to your property. When fall rolls around, it’s a good idea to check for safety details, like loosened rails, which happens from frequent use. Fall repairs ensure that your deck is ready for use in the coming winter holidays.

Trim Surrounding Foliage

Fall is a fantastic time to trim trees and bushes, which can induce quick rotting if they help trap moisture. Foliage should be about one foot away from the deck. Now is also the right time to address issues like moss, which can also lead to deck damage as the weather changes.

Maintain the Deck Before Poor Weather

Chances are, the winter weather is about to worsen. Fall is the perfect time to take care of those loose ends and prep your deck so that violent weather will not affect it.

Deck inspection

Whether you’re just moving in or are planning for the future, maintenance is essential.

As fall winds down, you may seek to clear debris, especially leaves from nearby trees, so that they do not trap moisture against the wood. Sweeping with a broom is often enough to do this, but many homeowners prefer to pressure wash at this time as well.

You should also consider staining and sealing your deck every few years, following a cleaning and thorough inspection. Doing this during a rainy season could mean that the wood is too moist to accept the stain. Dry conditions, like those in early fall, are excellent for lasting maintenance.

Don’t consider only the surface of the deck either. Focus on gutters and downspouts before the rain approaches. Clear debris out of gutters and ensure that spouts are directed far away from your deck.

Move Furniture Around the Deck

Right now is a great time to move furniture, like chairs, tables, and plants, around so that they do not cause another season’s worth of discoloration on the deck. In fact, moving large pieces around frequently will prevent some of the intense bleaching of the wood by the elements.

Understand the Significance of Deck Care

There is a season for every type of home maintenance. Taking care of a home’s deck is essential for safety purposes in addition to financial ones. Inspection is a critical component in keeping a house in safe, working order. Your home’s deck is no different. If you fancy yourself a home inspector you probably already know this.

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